What’s Next 2017:
Raise Your Digital Quotient

Nov 20 – 21, 9am – 5pm at iTrain KL, KL Trillion

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This programme provides the strategic tools, concepts and perspectives that will allow you to develop a strategic response and to then align your organisation for effective strategy execution. On top of that, it will support you in becoming more proactive in the digital domain, help you turn digital threats into opportunities, and allow you to leverage digital to create competitive advantage and enhanced performance.

If your company is looking for a strategy in this age of digital disruption then this workshop intends to outline on how you can position yourself to be a digital disruptive company.

This workshop is HRDF claimable.

Contact is as follow:
Tel: 03-21661879
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Sumithran has 16 years of combined strategy, consultative sales and entrepreneurial leadership experience in telecommunications, digital marketing, impact media and e-commerce companies. A strong leader, with an established c-suite network and a proven reputation in nurturing and leading highly motivated teams in diverse sales and cultural environments.



Bikesh is the founding partner 1337 Ventures, Malaysia’s first Accelerator programme and founder of Alpha Startups a pre accelerator programme in SEA. He has mentored, developed and invested in 40 technology start-ups under the 1337 Ventures portfolio in the verticals of gaming, social networking, education, big data, proximity marketing, wearable technology and recently fintech.


To gain a more precise understanding of the digitization challenge facing business today, McKinsey conducted an in-depth diagnostic survey of 150 companies around the world. The examination of the digital performance of major corporations points to four (4) lessons in which helps raise their Digital Quotient:

  • Day 1 / Mon, Nov 20th (Lesson 1 & 2)
Day 1 / Mon, Nov 20th (Lesson 1 & 2)
Lesson 1

Digital Strategy – Defining a clear and coherent Digital strategy

With today’s demanding customer and employees, converging industries and disruptive technologies, it is imperative for organizations to move from reactive to proactive planning. Changing business models and enterprise architecture towards strategic digitization will drive operational efficiency, trigger customer engagement, boost employee productivity and stimulate revenue growth. Utilizing mobility for business transformation is the way forward.
Lesson 2

Capabilities at Scale – Data-empowered decision making

High-performing digital companies distinguish themselves by keeping pace as their customers undertake the digital consumer decision journey. With the rise of IoT, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning & other Industry 4.0 buzzwords learn how you can anticipate emerging patterns in the behavior of customers and tailor relevant interactions with them by quickly and dynamically integrating structured data, such as demographics and purchase history, with unstructured data, such as social media and voice analytics. These companies skillfully assess the available resources, inside and outside the business, and bring them to bear on issues that matter to their markets.
  • Day 2 / Tue, Nov 21st (Lesson 3 & 4)
Day 2 / Tue, Nov 21st (Lesson 3 & 4)
Lesson 3

Fast, Agile, Culture – Design Sprints & Lean Methodology

What does it take to go from Idea to Product in the shortest time? This session teaches you how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just 5 days. Learn the concepts of the lean methodology and Google Ventures design sprint – a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more—packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.
Lesson 4

Organization & Talent – Gamification of HR & Talent

Gamification in the organisational development is the use of game mechanics and behavioral design to motivate behavior change and engage employees in improving their performance, productivity, participation, and loyalty. Gamification uses game design to tap into human behavior to understand the science behind human motivation and how to impose the natural drive of human motivation in the workplace environment.