EY Digital Roadshow

11.10am – 12.00pm

Is the Most Transformative Perspective the One You Don’t Have?
Harnessing the best capabilities from across service lines and geographies, the EY Digital Roadshow will deliver immersive experiences that bring digital to life, demonstrating how EY looks at digital from every angle.


At EY, we can discuss your challenges, work through the hard questions with you and collaborate to produce innovative, customized outcomes — whether it’s a working prototype of a new digital product, a new way of thinking or a whole new digital business model
Our multi-disciplinary approach means we think about solutions holistically and from multiple perspectives. Potential solutions are constantly challenged by insights from other industries and markets to ensure the thinking is robust. You can experience what a solution would look like using combinations of different technologies. Together, teams can ‘play’ with several options, with technologists demonstrating new ideas ‘on the fly’.
EY helps clients to visualize new digital solutions to their business challenges, including:
• Connected commerce
• Future customer forecasts
• Accelerating innovation
• Scanning the horizon for disruption, and seizing the opportunities that it brings


Join us for a digital experience that may lead to deeper, perception-changing experiences for your business.

EY Smart City

13:10pm – 13:40pm

Smart Cities. How will Cities be Reshaped by Technology and our Greatest Challenges?      Smart cities are built on smart and intelligent solutions and technology. How can cities with 18th-century infrastructure support 21st-century life?
The world is witnessing an unprecedented level of urbanization with an estimated 1 million new urban dwellers worldwide over the next 40 years. While this trend creates great opportunities for cities, it also places great stress on those infrastructure systems that were designed for the needs of a much smaller and less technologically-advanced past population.
Today’s cities must improve their often outdated and antiquated infrastructure if they are to fully realize their future growth potential. If they plan and play it right, the cities of today could become the successful megacities of tomorrow – and become more powerful than nations.